Coverage in the vent of total loss

WA Casco Exclusive includes all the coverage of WA Casco Extra. In addition, if your car is declared a total loss within three years of purchase, you are paid the full insured value of the vehicle, without depreciation.

Why choose this insurance?
- In the event of a 'total loss' of the vehicle within three years of its purchase, you receive the same brand new car back. You choose the color and we will buy you the car. 
- In case of fire, theft and/or explosion you get back the current day value of your vehicle
- Your motor vehicle damages will be covered whether you are at fault or not
- If needed you will receive a replacement motor vehicle up to a maximum of Nafl. 1.260,- per case
- Protection against uninsured third-party without affecting your no-claim discount 
- Your passengers are insured

What does it cover?
- Your Third Party Liability of Nafl.150.000,- up to Nafl. 500.000,-
- Your motor vehicle against theft, fire and/or explosion
- Coverage whether you are at fault or not
- Up to Nafl. 30.000,- material damages caused by an uninsured driver at fault
- Passengers Accident Insurance (P.A.I.) up to Nafl. 30.000,-

Coverage table

Coverages WA
WA Casco
WA Casco
WA Casco
Third-Party Liability * * * * * * *
Damages by uninsured vehicles at fault   *   *   * *
Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I.)   *   *   * *
Theft     * * * * *
Fire and Explosion     * * * * *
No Deductable Third-Party* * * * * * * *
Replacement Vehicle         * * *
Own Damage         * * *
New Motor Vehicle Value Retainer             *

* Only applicable for private vehicles.